International Women’s Day organizers in our region are using video this year to help showcase special women who have made a difference. Michelle Gosselin a victims services supervisor with Hearst, Kap and Smooth Rock Falls Counselling Services says the short 15 second videos must answer several questions.

“Stating why they are celebrating International Women’s Day and what it represents to them,”  she said. “Tell us one person they are celebrating on this very important day, and why they are celebrating this person. “

The videos must be filmed horizontally and can be in English, French or even bilingual. Gosselin says the videos will all be combined and then featured on the Habitat Interlude’s Facebook page during the entire month on March.

Gosselin says not only is video being used because of the COVID-19 pandemic but to help spread the reach of event.

“But this year with being on line, we are able to obviously accommodate a much larger population, and that’s also given us the opportunity to reach out to different communities not just Kapuskasing,” she said. “So we have Hearst involved, we’ve got Moosonee involved. We’ve got Cochrane and all of the communities in between.”

The deadline for submission is March 1st and to submit your video or for further questions contact Michelle Gosselin at