A proposed September start date for the Smoky Falls dam project north of Kapuskasing by Ontario Power Generation on Monday has been a much needed breath of fresh air according to Mayor Dave Plourde. He says in the past month there hasn’t been a lot of great news in Kapuskasing because of the pandemic and this also shows the confidence that OPG has in the north.

“They see it as a prime opportunity to use the power in the future,” he said. “So it’s really ensuring longevity in projects that have existed like they have said yesterday for close to 100 years. And you are talking about the Smoky Falls dam that you are seeing the benefits of that. It’s huge for us.”

Plourde says Ontario Power Generation’s announcement regarding the Smoky Falls dam starting as early as this September is a win-win on many different fronts.

“Any project like this will help the economy,” he said. “The spill over affect certainly helps our businesses and workers within the municipality as well. It’s just a huge boost to the economy and that project alone they are presently look at 200 million dollars.”

One hundred construction jobs will be created to go along with the current 200 that are working at the nearby Little Long Dam Safety Project. Both of OPG’s dam projects are expected to be completed by 2024.