A Smooth Rock Falls native never thought growing up she would become Mayor. Long-time member of council Sue Perras was appointed to the top post during a special meeting last week replacing Michel Arseneault who resigned. She says after she retired from her job at the bank, she wanted to be active in the community and chose municipal politics.

“The thing is you get involved, and I am involved,” she said. “Just becomes a next step. Now I’m not saying that it’s something I really planned. I love being a councilor, but it was something that was offered to me and I took.”

Perras, who’s been on council for 15 years says, she has vivid memories of that first day she was sworn in.

“The next day Tembec announced the closure of the mill, so it was a big moment for us because we were four councilors and a mayor,” she said. “Three of the councillors had never been a councillor before.”

Perras says there are a lot of positive things happening in Smooth Rock Falls including the new industrial park, the restoration of the old train, and a seniors’ home project.

She  adds they still don’t have a major employer in the community but council is working hard to attract them. The new mayor is hopeful that the new mine proposed on Highway 655 could help to bring people to live in Smooth Rock Falls and work at that mine.