Municipal buildings have slowly begun to reopen in Kapuskasing following the end of second provincial lockdown earlier this week. The Civic Centre opened its doors to the public earlier in the week, while on Monday it will be back to business for the Sports Palace and Donat Brousseau Pool. Mayor Dave Plourde says the arena won’t be much different than what took place in the fall.

“We’ll be going back to the same way we did it in the past with the south side gone. So you will be changing on the south side and using the north side to do whatever it is that you are doing figure skating, playing hockey or whatever.”

Plourde says elsewhere things will look largely the same, too.

“With the exception of everyone is going to have to wear a mask. There is no choice. We are expecting everyone to wear a face mask. That’s not a discussion that’s what we are doing.”

The Kapuskasing Public Library will also be open on Monday to pick up books or other materials. Curbside services will still be provided for those who may need it.