The Kap 100 committee and the Centre de Sante are teaming up for a fun outdoor family contest that allows you to build a snowman in your front yard. The contest begins tomorrow and runs through March 25. Centre de Sante’s Well Being Nurse Desiree Beaudette says three judges will select the best based on several criteria.

“The degree in difficulty, the size of the snowman, the time devoted to the activity, creativity, originality and the overall quality of the project,” she said.

Beaudette says it’s easy to sign up your family by first calling her office.

“Take your name and your address and we are going also ask for you guys to contact us a second time once your snowman is finished,” she said. “That way we can go onsite and evaluate it as quickly as possible just in case there is a big winter storm or it’s super sunny and your snowman melts.”

Beaudette says it can be a challenge to find activities to do with your families so this event gets everyone outside for fresh air and exercise.

The prize package is over $100 in various items.

To get involved and to register your family and your home call the Centre de Sante at 705-371-3006.