Smooth Rock Falls Hospital is getting $10,000 from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Hospital foundation president Marielle Cousineau says the hospital won a NOSM challenge with help of some of community over the Christmas Break. She adds that the money will be put to good use.

“We purchased three portable lifts for the long term care unit of the hospital,” she said. “The staff is quite excited about that.”

Cousineau says the equipment will make it easier to move long term care patients who have various medical issues.

She adds it was a community effort.

“There was a number of people from the community who joined us and took up the challenge,” she said. “We were in first place with 132,000 points followed by Red Lake who had 30,000. Kudos to the Smooth Rock Falls community.”

The trivia contest ran from November 10, 2020 to January 12, 2021.

Individuals across the country were invited to pick any Northern Ontario community from the drop-down menu and help them win $10,000 for a local health-care centre and qualify for a $1,000 individual cash prize. Questions related specifically to Northern Ontario, including: Indigenous and Francophone health; health equity in the North; impacts of access to health care in the region geography; and, history and culture.

More than 1,300 registrants took part in The NOSM Trivia Challenge, with 77 Northern Ontario communities represented. Communities with the highest score following Smooth Rock Falls were Red Lake, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Hornepayne and Marathon. A full list of the rankings can be found on NOSM’s website.

The $1,000 cash prize went to Trista Breton, who also resides in Smooth Rock Falls.