Today, February 11th, can be expressed as 2-1-1.  So supporters of the 2-1-1 service are taking advantage of the day to promote the free, confidential service.

Jennifer Gorman is regional manager for United Way North East Ontario – one of those supporters. “2-1-1 is a website and a phone number where individuals looking for anything to do with health, social, government or community services,” she says.

When you call, you’re connected with a service navigator at one of seven call centres across Ontario.  It’s available 24/7 right across Canada, in 150 languages.

“That’s another piece that is really nice,” Gorman comments. “You know, if you move from community to community and you knew what services were available in Timmins but now I’m in Kapuskasing but I don’t know where to find these services, a 2-1-1 operator will be able to help you.”