While vaccines continue to be given to residents at North Centennial Manor and Extendicare in Kapuskasing, the mayor suggests a vulnerable group is being left out. Dave Plourde says 40 long term care residents at Sensenbrenner Hospital are waiting for beds at those other long term care facilities and need our help.

“And I think it is like a long term care home in the hospital, and it’s imperative that those people get vaccinated along with the employees that work in that facility,” he said. “Otherwise, what we may have is another Extendicare on our hands.”

He adds that Dr. Lianne Catton of the Porcupine Health Unit provided some clarification.

“I’m not certain if we fall something of a loophole or what it is, but regardless it had been a long time since we had the virus in our community and now it’s here,” he said. “We have vulnerable people in the hospital and it’s our duty to ensure they get vaccinated and make sure their protected.”

Plourde says he plans on discussing the issue with several Ministry officials to see what can be done.