Kap Town Council has made an about face on the proposed new band shell for Riverside Park and put it on hold. The 100 committee and council were looking to create a legacy project and believed a new band shell in the park would leave that impression. Mayor Dave Plourde says COVID-19 pandemic played a major factor in the decision.

“Certainly the fact that we are seeing a lot of activities done virtually and not done in the open and that plays a huge part in that,” he said. “I think council has taken the right decision about putting that idea on ice for the time being until such a time as we feel it’s something that should be brought back to the table.”

A new band shell comes with a hefty price tag and finding funding through local donations and government grants beyond the town coffers has proven to be a challenge.

The town has a band shell near the Museum and Cenotaph and Mayor Dave Plourde says making better use of it could be an option.

“It’s a facility that cost a lot of money I think something like 15 years ago now so it really is under-utilized,” he said. “But it’s something yes to visit and see how we use it better.”