As Constance Lake First Nation continues deal with outbreak of COVID-19 among its residents, Chief Rick Allen has asked for help from Mushkegowuk James Bay MPP Guy Bourgouin and Porcupine Health Unit. Bourgouin says there is a need for short term respite housing

“Assistance for hotel or some type of isolation place where he could accommodate his community,” he said. “In first nation, it’s not uncommon to have two or three generations of a family living in a small of a house.”

Bourgouin says they are writing a letter to Premier Doug Ford to get him to help out First Nations family members in the community so the virus doesn’t spread further.

“So there is a lack of housing, to be able to isolate so we’re working on this process right now,  and I’ve talked to Dr. Catton and says she’ll start the ball rolling on this particular issue,” he said.

Community wide COVID-19 testing was halted in Constance Lake so more contact tracing could take place. Today residents are allowed to leave homes and stock up on essential items or take care of appointments.