If you are looking for a fun way to help support local businesses during the current lockdown, it might be through the Kap 100 food tasting tour. Committee Chairman Julien Boucher says one new business will be featured each month.

“We are happing that the first one Topper’s Pizza for the month of January,” he said. “It’s good that we have the restaurant that has take-out in the first month.”

He adds that people may ask for the Kap 100 pizza special by name when calling in.

After a bit of a delay due to mild weather, the new outdoor ice rink at Riverside Park is now open to get out for some fresh air. Committee chairman Julien Boucher says it is off to a good start.

“We want people to just be aware of social distancing, when using the ice rink,” he said. “We’re hoping people are enjoying it. So far we are seeing people every day using the rink.”

For a complete list of what’s going on with the Kap 100 celebrations, visit its website.