Already on the cutting edge of anti-COVID-19 sanitization in accordance with Transport Canada, the Timmins Victor M. Power Airport has gone a step further, with a device that sanitizes several items.

It uses ultraviolet light to sanitize items you would carry on board a flight, in your hands or pockets.

Airport manager Dave Dayment says it’s right beside a handwashing station.

“Put your keys in and your glasses in , your cellphone in.  The lid opens by itself, you reach in and hopefully anything you’re now touching has been sanitized,” he outlines.

The process takes about 20 seconds.

“It might fit a tablet,” Dayment adds. “It’s just about that size. A laptop’s probably a little bit large, but anything that’s in your hand that you would touch and put in your pocket. Even people will put coins.”

The device is on loan from the manufacturer. Dayment says if it’s used enough, he’ll buy it and keep it in the terminal.