It seems a mild winter hasn’t produced any major snowfall amounts so far for our region. In fact, Town of Kap Administrator Guylain Baril says the mild weather we’ve seen can still create extra work for snow removal crews.

“Some of the snowpack on the streets and sidewalks gets a little softer,” he said. “So we have to be ploughing that anyway and also it means that we may be applying more sand then we would if there was more snow.”

It’s anyone’s guess what the second half of the winter will be like and it’s one reason why Baril says he hates to call the shots when it comes to snowfall amounts.

“In some years it starts off real rough with a lot of snow early in the season and you might think we get a high bill for the year then the end of the year it was kind of slow,” he said. “And we’ve also had the the opposite happens as well, where things were coasting along and then March or April comes around and we get some big dumps and those really crank up the costs for us.”