It’s another two weeks for the provincial lockdown in northern Ontario. All non-essential businesses and municipal buildings have been shuttered since Boxing Day. Town of Kap Administrator Guylain Baril says municipal officials learned a lot for the Spring lockdown that was much different.

“In the first one we were all scratching our heads, trying to figure out what it exactly meant for us and how we would do certain things,” he said. “But we it nailed down pat at some point and during this one it was to really just put those measures in place we had put in place the first time.”

Baril says the lockdown starting during the Christmas break when many are at home with their families, will minimize the revenue lost.

“Some changes to our revenue and costs, in 2020 with the lockdowns and Covid-19 in general,” he said. “Again the arena, the pool, those facilities were shutdown for a while and we saw some loss in revenue there. But there is also some reduction in costs in some areas.”

Baril says the closures made the services unavailable so that saved them money.

Meantime, Kapuskasing Town Council’s meeting tonight is moving to video conferencing instead of getting together at the Civic Center due to the extended shutdown.