The Kapuskasing Rotary Club’s Bay Dip Challenge is returning for a second year next month. Rotary member and organizer Don McInnis says the club wants to build off the success of first one with close to $25,000 collected for local charities.

“It’s amazing the heart of people in Northern Ontario when it comes to charitable events,” McInnis said. “We were just taken back by the support we got from everybody from local businesses from anybody we asked for a donation they said sure what can we do how can we help you. The Town of Kap was fantastic.”

McInnis says due to public health protocols for the COVID-19 pandemic things will be a bit different.

“A person that wants to jump they’ll be assigned a certain time so they won’t be allowed on the ice at a specific time, they will be able to come in change and do the jump,” he said. “So we are going to try and keep the amount of people on the ice to a minimum a very small amount depending on what the health unit says we are allowed.”

Participants dressed up in various costumes and even had theme music.

To participate in this year’s challenge or to find out further information, check out the Bay Dip Challenge’s Facebook page.