Cultural centres in our region have been particularly hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic including the Centre De Loisirs in Kapuskasing. General Manager Jimmy Cote says the Centre had to create some new activities to remain viable including a Discovery Series.

“We showcase every month local bands or solo artists from the community,” he said. “People are invited to sing at the Centre de Loisirs – it’s always a bilingual night. We invite people to buy their tickets in advance we accept only 50 people per show, and we always do the live feed.”

Cote says they’ve hand to cancel a number of activities including the St. Jean Festival and the entertainment series.

“All of our monster bingos we are a big hit in the community are unfortunately cancelled,” he said. The brew fest which was also our beer festival was also cancelled, but there is always a way to offer entertainment and keep people safe at the same time.”

Cote says the Centre hopes to have its annual Winter Fest in February but it may be cancelled too depending on what public health protocols are in place at that time.