More clarity has been provided by officials from Northern Corridor Du Nord on snowmobiling during the current provincial lockdown. CAO JP Ouellette says the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is a service provider to the province and the trails are deemed essential as a form of recreation in Ontario.

“As a form of recreation in Ontario, and clubs have been providing that service in maintaining trails,” Ouellette said. “So even with this lockdown trails are deemed essential so clubs have been doing that work.”

Ouellette says snowmobiling has gone from non-essential to an essential recreational activity.

“So that’s a change from the spring where trails were closed along with the rest of the province under lockdown rules,” he said. “Trails are an important part of recreation your outdoors you follow protocols of course you will eliminate the probably of the spread of Covid-19.”

It’s been a later start to the season for snowmobiling due to the mild weather conditions where rain all but wiped out the snow. Two major snowfalls in our region over the last two weeks have improved conditions and allowing more snowmobile trails to be made available by members.