The Hearst area has received a welcome Christmas gift. A one-year extension has been worked out between the provincial government and Atlantic Power. That deal keeps the Calstock Power Plant running and 20 people from losing their jobs. The plant is a major economic impact in the Hearst region. Mushkegowuk-James Bay MPP Guy Bourgouin was happy that the two sides worked something out.

“It’s not a long term deal but at least we know there’s a possibility of one to be reached. I’m an optimist and I know this type of negotiation is difficult because I have done it for so long, but the fact they’ve given an extension is a positive note and a right direction.”

Bourgouin understands there are a lot of issues on the table but deals like this can sometimes take longer than six months.

“Co-gens like the one in Thunder Bay, and also Hornepayne are all looking to see what’s going to happen because that agreement will reflect on them also,” he said. “I believe the government is taking their time make sure they have a winning a win-win for First Nations and the province.”