Even though an election call might still be a few years away, the New Democrats are getting this ready in this region, nominating Guy Bourgouin to run for a second term in Mushkegowuk-James Bay. Bourgouin says his first term has been both a challenge of learning his job during a pandemic and rewarding.

“In regular times we helped a lot of needy people and a lot of people come to our office,” he said. “But put on top of that a pandemic, so you can tell how many people we have helped. That in itself is good for the community, but it’s also very satisfying that we can help so many.”

Bourgouin accepted the nomination from the New Democrats late last week, and says he owes much of his success to other NDP politicians in the north including Gilles Bisson from Timmins who’s been an MPP since the early 1990s.

“His office in Queen’s Park is just next to mine so I have a lot of opportunities to sit down with him and discuss a different approach,” he said. “And of course I bring my experience of what I use to do also. And with Carol (Hughes) also I can discuss many issues.”