Fear not.  Conditions for Santa’s big annual trip that includes a stop at your house appear to be almost ideal.

Geoff Coulson is an Environment Canada meteorologist – that’s a big word for “weather man”.  He says Mr. Claus and the reindeer team pulling his sleigh might only encounter a bit of snow in this part of the world, and maybe a bit of wind.

“And the fact the temperatures are going to be turning noticeably colder in the area,” Coulson adds, so nothing they can’t handle.

“You know what” he notes, “he’s got the best flight equipment there is, so I think his trip should be able to be made without a problem.”

You can find out when it’s time to jump into bed and cover up your head by listening to The Moose.  We’ll have three reports an hour from NORAD as it tracks Santa’s trip, between five o’clock and eight o’clock tonight.