Officials with the Kapuskasing Golf Club are thrilled with the success of it’s Tree Legacy Project. Manager Andre Robichaud says one hundred trees and 400 seedlings were planted throughout the course thanks to the donations of several businesses, organizations including the Town of Kapuskasing. He says the project means a lot to not only the course now but in the future.

“We have seen the difference because some of these trees, we’re already 9-10 feet tall,” Robichaud said. “Obviously the seedlings will take a number of years to grow. But like I said this project is for now were seeing esthetically but for the next generations.”

Robichaud says golfers may notice some changes between the second and third hole.

“We have about 20-25 trees that are dying, we have  few that are coming down every year just because of natural causes,” he explained. “So as the newest planted trees take their place, between number two and three and the others come down. That’ where we will see the biggest difference in the next three to four years.”

Robichaud says the club is hoping to have three or four more phases to this project and have begun approaching other partners to help complete those additional plans.