Northern winters will be a bit easier for First Nation children thanks to a donation from the Knights of Columbus Coats For Kids Campaign. State Deputy David Peters visited Hearst on Thursday where he dropped off six boxes of new coats to children at Constance Lake First Nation. A total of 10,000 coats are expected to be distributed to First Nations. Peters says the COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of their plans.

“COVID times we are challenged and not visiting as many reserves as we possibly could to deliver these coats,” he said. “Due to the restrictions and all of the borders being closed and the restrictions on travel as well, the Bishop fully got permission for us to go to Constance Lake.”

Peters says they were told by church officials that children badly needed winter coats at Constance Lake First Nation.

“These are beautiful coats, quite thick and very very well protected for the children,” he said. “So it is our desire to protect these children from the bitter cold to give them the opportunities as the other children to be able to play.”