When the provincial government announced its budget last week cultural centres like many across this region were left out according to the New Democrat MPP for our region. Mushkegowuk James Bay MPP Guy Bourgouin says two organizations right in Kapuskasing have been hit hard by the pandemic.

“We just have to look at Centre de Loisirs, La Forge in Kapuskasing,” he said. “They are struggling because they can’t have these big events and shows to help of set the costs of operations.”

He added that La Forge officials have visited his office looking to see what grants are available to help them.

The province has been assisting large businesses with funding and Bourgouin wonders where the help is for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bourgouin says he learned during a recent video conference that help is needed to cover rent, insurance and other costs.

“These small and medium businesses will probably be less on their own and probably might lose their business,” he said. “Tax breaks are good but it defers, those businesses need immediate help.”