Kapuskasing is joining Cochrane and Iroquois Falls   getting less money from the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund.  Mayor Dave Plourde says Kap is getting about 25-thousand dollars  less of the 4.65- million it received a year ago.

“When you consider a tax increase of one per cent represents anywhere from 70 to 100 thousand dollars, I think 25 thousand dollars is a little easier to handle than if they were to cut more than that,” he said. “We would like it to be more in line than what it was last year but something like 25 thousand dollars is not going to affect our budget overall.”

Plourde says the good news is the town’s getting the funding early.

“This amount is sometimes a quart of our budget so certainly knowing what it is plays a huge part in what we get done during the year and exactly where we spend our money,” he said. “Ya getting it early is also important also but maintaining the funding is also important to keep that funding where it’s at.”

The funding that municipalities gets is based on a formula. Timmins announced recently that it would get more money this year.