Story time and family activities are all part of events that public libraries put for their members, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to change the way they deliver their services. Kapuskasing Public Library CAO Julie Latimer says they are going to use their Facebook page to help parents with that nightly story time dilemma.

“Starting a nightly between 7 and 7:30 at night story time for the kids just before they go to bed,” she said. “At Christmas time we will try out best to do something electronically on our Facebook page, video story with possibly Mrs Santa Claus.”

Latimer says the library has some terrific books they’d like to showcase.

“So I thought that was kind of fun,” she said. “We know parents are trying to get their kids away from electronics but sometimes you have no choice. We want to showcase a lot of the books at we have here in Library.”

Check the Kapuskasing Library’s Facebook page to get further information on books and programs.