If you think the issue of homelessness isn’t something that’s just tied to larger centres, well you would be wrong and it’s more of a problem than first thought. Officials in Kapuskasing are concerned about the homeless in the community and want to find a more permanent solution. Fire chief and member of the mobilization committee Pat Kennedy says a few people were identified as being without a place to live at their last meeting.

“And being homeless is not only necessary meaning you are living on the streets it could be someone couch surfing,” Kennedy said. “It can be going to different homes and apartments with family members sleeping a few nights going back on the streets for a few nights and then coming back and sleeping. “

Those who are homeless in Kapuskasing are being helped by a group of people with shelter and food in some cases.  He adds that it’s something that needs to be addressed now with winter on the way.

“Some of these people are actually going in empty buildings and starting fires to keep themselves warm,” he said. “So obviously on my side especially on the fire side I want to prevent or have someone getting being hurt or property being lost.”

Kapuskasing Mayor Dave Plourde listened to concerns Kennedy had at a recent council meeting. Plourde requested that CAO Brian Marks from the Cochrane District Social Services Board be brought in to speak to council on the issue and discuss ways of resolving the problem.