With the Model Town set to celebrate its golden anniversary next year, the 100 committee along with Town Council are look for something permanent to remember the celebrations by. A request for a donation of up to $40,000 has been sent to the mill owners, Rayonier to help fund a new gazebo or amphitheater. Mayor Dave Plourde that the park has a long rich history.

“The gazebo is built on a river and it’s a park that was once owned by Spruce Falls Power and Paper and that Rayonier is now managing,” he said. “It’s only befitting to do that.”

Plourde says it’s time for the current gazebo to be replaced.

“Ya we are looking at replacing that gazebo with something that would permit something at hosting bands, as well as just mothers getting out of the sun to watch their kids at the park and waterpark,” he said.

There had been some discussion about building the new structure near the bay of the Kapuskasing River, but upon further review that was changed because of flooding that can happen in that area. It’s believed the amphitheater would be built near the current gazebo or tennis courts.