Business owners across the region have begun weighing in on the Federal Government’s decision to ban single use plastics by the end of next year in a move to help the environment and extend landfill sites. Luc Dinnissen of Circle Confectionery in Kapuskasing hopes the Feds have a Plan B ready to help small businesses in the transition. He adds that he’s not sure what the added cost of those changes would be on his particular business.

“Which may force us to either – change the cost of some of our products in order to recuperate if the replacement product for plastic is more expensive,” he said.

Dinnissen says if they are switching to paper products then he hopes the federal government has done their homework on it.

“In our area we rely heavily on the forest industry and we certainly wouldn’t want to put an added strain on that industry or on that resource,” he noted. “Maybe there will be an alternative like hemp bags, or hemp paper bags which have proved to be more of a renewable source.”