If you live between Moonbeam to Opasatika you may have felt a jolt this morning. In fact, Earthquakes Canada has confirmed that an earthquake struck just before 10 am with a magnitude of 3.6 between that area and including Kapuskasing. Seismologist Allison Bent says that the earthquake is something that could be felt for quite a distance.

“The epicenter was 22 km from Kapuskasing,” Bent said. “So it’s almost assuredly been felt in Kapuskasing and potentially 50 km from the epicenter or more. I don’t have details on that yet.”

She noted that earthquakes in our region are very uncommon.

“However earthquakes smaller in magnitude of four can almost happen anywhere in the world so we can’t really identify it with a specific fault,” she said. “It would be too small to produce a rupture on the surface of the earth if we went out and looked for it. It would be unlikely.”

If you would like to share your experience regarding the earthquake or want further information you can visit the Earthquakes Canada website.