A new health and wellness program for those with mental illness issues has been launched by the Hearst-Kapuskasing and Smooth Rock Falls Counselling Services. It’s being funded for the next three years by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Coordinator Kaylee Wedge says doctors and mental health care professionals will refer the patients to them.

“So whether they need to move a little bit more – the intensity the frequency and what type of exercises they should be doing,” she said. “So those professionals will be able to refer those patients to us, and that way, we have a better idea of  what they actually need from that certain individual.”

Wedge says the participants have access to a number of different options.

“Ranging from walking, to yoga, to strength training,” she said. “They will also have access to fitness activities provided by program partners, as well as nutrition counselling and education services.”

Wedge says she will accommodate the participant up to three times a week to their sessions.

For more information on the program, contact the counselling services a 705-335-8468.