A resolution to support improved internet access to rural communities has received thumbs up from Kapuskasing Town Council. The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities originally endorsed the document asking that Starlink Satellite Internet System as an option to address the lack of strong reliable and affordable internet. Kapuskasing Mayor Dave Plourde says internet has become an essential service for everyone especially during the COVID-19 pandemic from doing business to going to school.

“Basically all we are looking for is to make sure all of rural Ontario is connected and there should be nobody that shouldn’t be connected,” he said. “So that’s what we should be fighting for as municipalities and what came out of that discussion that we support that rural Ontario be connected.”

Plourde says they gladly support this document and adds that open communication is critical to help keep this process going.

“You know as long as we have an open dialogue with government and to ensure that our voices are heard,” he added. “That’s what we have to do and that’s exactly what FNOM is doing, putting everything on the table and let the government know that time is of the essence.”