There is still time to register for two video conferences on teen drug use that start tomorrow night. Maison Arc En Ciel Administrator Estelle Berube says the registration is going so well that there may be more of these in the future.

Berube says the presentation will last about 90 minutes followed by a question and answer period.

“We are going over Naloxone administration in case of an overdose so we’ve got the pack,” she said. “We will demonstrate how it’s given, and it’s very easy.”

She adds one area that they will be discussing is drug use on a teenager’s brain.

“Emotional control, impulse restraint, decision making are some of the things that can happen,” she said. “The ability for the person to evaluate risks, and consequences, so this impacts when you have substance use on an early adolescent versus early adulthood.”

You will have to provide your email address to the facility when you call so you watch the presentation. For further information contact Maison Arc En Ciel at 705-369-4582