When the fall arrives one of the many items on your to do list might be a home inspection completed by the Kapuskasing Fire Department. It’s a little different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but fire chief Pat Kennedy assures you that everything will be done safe, including fire department staff wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

“Depending on how many questions people might have, or if there is an alarm to be replaced as such so it could take a little longer but usually about 15 to 30 minutes,” he said.

Kennedy says fire department staff look for a number of things during the inspection.

“Check out the alarm and make sure they are actually working and not expired and they are actually located in the proper areas,” he said. “That’s something we find often is that most alarms are not in the right areas of the home.”

Kennedy says that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms need to be located outside sleeping areas like a hallway if you have one.

Firefighters will also talk about an escape plan should a fire break in your home.

For further information on home inspections, contact the fire department at their business office and that number is 705-335-4225.