The north wall of the Sports Palace in Kapuskasing isn’t as bad as first thought. That’s the conclusion of an engineering report presented to council on Monday night where it was learned that the foundation of the wall is good, and the footings have shifted due to the frost. Mayor Dave Plourde says there may be some simple fixes to that area including moving the laneway towards the Fire Department.

“What’s happening is the frost has been going into the ground and the traffic close to the wall has been driving the frost deep,” Plourde said. “If we can move that away from the wall five or six feet and re insulate that wall then I think we will see that it won’t continue as worse as it is now.”

Plourde says they first thought it was going to cost the Town between two hundred and four hundred thousand dollars on it.

“To our surprise they found it not too concerning and it might be a simpler fix than what we thought it was,” he said. That’s a good news story that we often don’t get, but it something we may be able to do in-house and repair it fairly cheaply.”

It’s unsure what it would cost to fix up the wall, but town staff has sent it out to get estimates along with the Civic Center renovations. They want the arena wall project carried out and completed next summer.