A new logo and a slick website highlighted a brief presentation by the Kap 100 Committee on Facebook Live on Tuesday night. Committee Chairman and Town councillor Julien Boucher introduced the new logo that will be seen throughout the celebration. He says 40 were submitted back in December but nothing stood out so they sent everything to a graphic artist and created something that they feel represents the entire community.

“The train that was the first thing that was here in Kap and then the mill was another part of it,” he said. “We also wanted to represent the first nation in the logo as well.”

Boucher says their original plan was to do something different and formal.

“At the Civic Centre having lots of people there and great evening of fun, but things being the way things are with COVID-19 we had to do it online,” he said. “But we still we found a way to do it fun and we are looking forward of things to come.”

The new website will have information regarding the official launch on April 8th of next year as well as Rendez-Vous Week set for July 26th to August 1st.  Boucher says you can sign up for a newsletter to receive special insider information. You can also follow along with the latest news regarding the celebrations on social media platforms with Facebook, Instagram and a You Tube Channel.