If you would like to participate in Sunday’s virtual Terry Fox Run, there is still time to do so. Organizer Sue Renaud says you can register on line by using Kapuskasing as a location and that way she will know how many will be participating that day. She adds that two flags will be hung outside the Civic Centre that day for people to see.

“I encourage everyone if you would like to, if that’s part of your route to stop by and take a picture of your family and friends whoever is participating with you,” Renaud said. “Feel free to post it to the Kapuskasing Terry Fox Run Facebook page just to show who participated, who got out on Sunday throughout the day. I’ll leave the flags up all the way to Sunday evening.”

Renaud says you can donate by either visiting the Foundations website or drop by and see her Sunday from 9 am to noon at the Civic Centre.

“You still are welcome to do it the old fashion way by cash or cheque, and make it out to the Terry Fox Foundation or Terry Fox Run,” she said. “I’ll make sure that I’m there with my mask on and that we can still do something somewhat in person.”

Renaud says it’s amazing how the Terry Fox Run has stood the test of time even through a pandemic.

“I’ve never known my life without a Terry Fox Run or Terry Fox, so to see it continue on in Canada and especially how the foundation has adapted during these very strange times and still try to promote their run, promote the event, promote the foundation,” she said. “It’s a wonderful thing.”

Renaud says fundraising has been tough for everyone including one of their top ones Stella Arezza.

“This year has been hard for Stella, with social distancing restrictions for Stella to get out door to door,” she said. “So she did set up an online profile like anyone else can do on the Terry Fox Foundation website and you can find a link on the Kapuskasing Terry Fox Run Facebook Page.”

For further information on registering or making a donation, visit the Terry Fox Foundation website.