Changes could be on the way to Kapuskasing’s land-use policy. Earlier this week, town council decided to take a second look at it after one resident landscaped on municipal property near the Kapuskasing River without consent causing residents in the neighborhood to be upset. Town Administrator Guylain Baril wasn’t sure how old the policy is, and says there are not clear definitions of what’s permissible.

“This is where council I think is looking to firm that up and be more proactive in developing those parcels,” Baril said. “I think it is important to note that there is lots of use of municipal land in the town of Kap and the most of it, the majority of it is done with respect for that land.”

Baril says there lots of gray area concerning the policy and fining those offenders.

“We’re actually looking into how that’s enforceable,” he said. “There’s the possibility of creating a bylaw and that way we can enforce it on our own and with any enforcement of a bylaw there needs to be set fines established.”

Council is looking for town staff to bring back changes to the policy to future meetings.