If you think it’s time to fix up the Civic Centre in Kapuskasing you are not alone. Town Council agreed on Tuesday night to renovate some areas of the facility that could cause some safety concerns. Mayor Dave Plourde says the engineering report outlined two specific areas including the foundation.

“The front steps and also part of the roof that are really causing us problems in the back including one of the roof sections that ties into the library,” he said. “We are going to do those right away.”

That roof was fixed nearly five years ago, but since then has caused water damage to the library.

Plourde says now is the time to give the Civic Centre some TLC.

“Lots of the infrastructure that in this building is in need of desperate repair,” he said. “I think it’s imperative on us to make sure that one of the main buildings within our municipality that will be showcased during our 100th anniversary is well taken care of and shows maintenance.”

Both councillors and town staff are in agreement that work to the building needs to start soon because under the current state there could be some safety concerns for people using it.