Municipalities in our region including Kapuskasing are waiting for word from the province on how they can apply for COVID-19 relief funding and what they can claim as expenses incurred during the pandemic.  During Tuesday’s council meeting, town officials says early estimates puts the town coffers down over one hundred and seventy-two thousand dollars due to a loss in revenue from the pool, arena, parking collections and business taxes. Mayor Dave Plourde says it’s too early on what that final number could be.

“When COVID-19 began we started planning and doing things differently,” he said. “It’s really about putting our heads together to see what it really truly costed us and doing a true tabulation of costs and how we’re affected with that.”

Plourde says the two phases of funding that’s available is very much needed.

“We appreciate the province stepping up and recognizing that municipalities in our province are playing a huge role, in the whole COVID-19 situation,” he said. “That there are costs involved with that, and recognizing that it’s hard for us.”

Town officials told councilors that they will be applying for the transit grant and will work with their bus provider on what extra costs there have been to clean the seniors and mobility bus.