No fixed-wing aircraft will be flying into or out of Timmins Victor M. Power Airport between Tuesday, September 8th and Saturday the 12th.

Airport manager Dave Dayment says that’s because of reconstruction and paving of the main runway.

“Unfortunately, we need to continue that work through the intersection of the other runway we’re using presently,” he says, “and that’s 150 feet wide by 150 feet plus 200-foot hold lines on either side of all four edges we have to do.”

“To do that, we’re going to go 24 hours a day with our contractors, which is Miller and that’s going to take up to five days to do that work.”

“We still have the ability to handle rotary wing obviously,” the manager remarks. “Ornge have got that in their back pocket for potential medivacs if they need for the helicopter they can use.”

The same goes for the MNRF being able to fly helicopters in or out.

Commercial air traffic – which is light during the pandemic, anyway — will be most affected.

“It’s a necessary evil. I apologize for any disruption to any of our travellers.  This is short-term pain for 25 years.”

…That 25 years is how long it will be before the work has to be done again.