Many colleges and universities in our region are starting to unveil how they’ll be teaching students this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. College Boreal’s Director of Kapuskasing and Hearst campuses Michelle Lebel says their return to class plan covers just the fall semester, leaving it open as the situation changes.

“Most of our program will have one or two courses that will be in campus,” Lebel said. “The rest of their course loads will be as we called via Zoom so there is still a scheduled time and there will be a teacher in front of them but they will be taking it from home.”

A number of new measures have been added to keep the students and staff safe at it’s Kapuskasing and Hearst campuses, and according to director Michelle Lebel it includes limiting the number of people on site and adding a special course before the students start school.

“Students will be expected to come in go to their class wear their mask and leave afterwards,” she said. “They have a course that they have to take before they even set foot in our campus and we will have a lot of proceedures in place that are unusual but necessary.”