Wearing a mask in a public place maybe tough for your child to get use to, but it’s just the beginning for them as those masks becoming mandatory in schools beginning this September. Porcupine Health Unit Director of Nursing Chantal Riopel says having a conversation with our children about it is important.

“Now I know with children this isn’t always an easy task,” she said. “But we need to talk to our children about why we need to wear masks and face coverings and to wash our hands properly before and after we are putting them on. How we are not supposed to touch it because it can spread the germ of the virus.”

Riopel understands the challenges young families face and has some helpful advice if children are less than thrilled to wear a mask.

“Parents may want to practice with their children ahead of time and maybe have them wear it in their home for a little bit,” she said. “This will help them get use to the face coverings.”

It is the second full week of the Porcupine Health Unit’s mandatory mask policy. You must wear them at all times in public places including businesses and municipal buildings. The only ones that are exempt are children under two and those who have medical conditions.