Colleges and universities across the province had to deal with the sharp learning curve this year with the COVID-19 pandemic as students had to finish their year online. Northern College President Doctor Fred Gibbons says now students have some real tough decisions to face when it comes to this upcoming academic year.

“Undoubtedly as we are here in the media, there is an adjustment that is going to be required,” he said. “Some students will be second guessing themselves to whether or not they want to commit to a full semester of online or defer their studies. Time will tell.”

Gibbons knows that they’ll be ready whatever the plans the students have.

“We are not just trying to finish off a few weeks,” he said. “We are looking at engaging students for a whole 14 or 15 week semester online with some hands-on work happening at the campuses. But I think we are well prepared.

Gibbons says everyone was forced into what he calls accelerated learning to allow students to conclude their winter term. He added that many colleges and universities cut their teeth and learned a lot of lessons from it, but thinks they have a better product now to provide to students.