It’s back to school every day for public school students in our region starting September 3rd. District School Board One was not one of the 24 boards from across the province to use the adaptive model. The Ministry of Education announced their comprehensive return to school model that will allow students to go to school five days a week but with enhanced health and safety protocols. Director of Education Lesleigh Dye says high school students will be taking two classes a day per semester instead of four.

“They will do two classes for half the semester,” she said. “We are moving to that model to minimize the contact the students have with other students, staff and teachers.”

She adds professional development days prior to the start of school will be extremely important.

“On our three activity days August 31st, September 1st and 2nd, we will look at what our staff needs for their mental health and well being of our students, as well as the use of Personal Protective Equipment,” she explained.

Dye says they are going to continue meeting with union representatives, and staff members to make sure they have all the bases covered.

The Director also mentioned that one of the first steps is for parents to visit their website and to register their children regardless of the number of years they’ve been with the board. She adds that the process should about a week, and follow-up phone calls will be made to those haven’t registered because of internet issues.

For DSB One registration information, you can click on the following link. We have also provided a link to the Ministry of Education’s Guide to reopening of schools.