Up there on any list of things we’re talking about this summer in these parts is the high number of bears wandering into town.

It’s a problem right across the Northeast, prompting OPP Constable Michelle Simard to advise us not to invite a bear for supper.

“We’re getting quite a few complaints of bears venturing into yards,” she notes.  “So we just want to make sure that people keep their yards clean.  Even if you have trees where crabapples have fallen or apples, make sure we pick those up.”

And, of course, there’s the usual advice not to put out a bird feeder; keep your garbage in a bear-proof container, if not indoors; and know who to call when you do have a bear in the neighbourhood.

“Always remember,” says Simard, “you can always call Bear Wise if you have a problem with a bear and if you’re in immediate danger, please call us.”