While preparations are well underway to mark Kapuskasing’s 100th anniversary next year, another community in the area will celebrate a similar milestone in the future. Moonbeam will turn 100 in 2022, and Recreation and Economic Development agent Julie Gaudreault says they need about 12 volunteers who might want to sit on a committee.

“We currently have five people interested and I have two more names to contact,” she said. “Anyone else who would like to join, we would love to have you. I think a small committee like this works well and shares good ideas.”

Gaudreault says seniors and former residents would be a nice addition.

“To give a taste of what was Moonbeam was like in the past,” she said. “We want to prepare celebrations and events of all kinds that would really be fun for everyone to participate in.”

She adds they are starting early on the planning process just in case there may be government grants available to help them with the celebrations. To join this committee, you can call Moonbeam town hall at 705-367-2244, 705-367-1110 or email Julie at cdem@moonbeam.ca