If you are a seamstress or you love to sew, the Centre de sante in Kapuskasing is looking for your help. Community Program supervisor Sonia Gravel says they need 300 non-medical masks made that will be handed out to not only those who use the Centre but to anyone who would like one.  She adds they are currently collecting the materials and ordering the elastics that can’t be bought locally.

“So we will distribute the patterns and materials to do the masks,” she said. “They are different colours but still quite simple to do. ”

She adds there’s no set amount of masks from each seamstress, and that it depends on their speed and style.

“Some may want to do just 15 others maybe they can make more like 50 or even a 100,” she said. “We have had quite a number of calls so the interest is there. It’s really great to see the support of this project.”

Non-medical masks are not yet mandatory in Ontario but could be in the future and the Centre de sante wants to be ready for that when it’s announced.  If you would like to get involved and help make non-medical masks then call the Centre de Sante at 705-371-3006.