COVID-19 is threatening the future of Royal Canadian Legion branches across Canada, although the district commander for 20 branches from Hornepayne to Temagami isn’t worried about them.

“I would say they will all survive.  I have faith in all of them.”

Roy Wilde of Larder Lake says all branches are doing what they can to cut costs.  They’re all closed, so not getting any revenue from their bars – their most lucrative source of money.

And he notes that when they can reopen, their capacity to serve patrons will be cut back.

“All Legions operate within the community and I think the community, they’ll step up and make sure,” he confidently predicts.

Wilde says the first three months after reopening will tell the tale of survival.

“I would think that most of our branches in District K, because of the community, the way that they work in the communities and the way the community respects them, all of ours will survive,” the district commander reiterates.

Wilde hopes the branches can reopen in September.  Even then, physical distancing will reduce the number of people they can have in their halls and bars.