Businesses and town halls are not the only ones dealing with post COVID-19 changes as the same can be said for Catholic Churches. Among the changes will be how they will perform baptisms and weddings. Father Sebastien Groleau with St. Patrick’s Parish in Kapuskasing hopes parishioners can wait until next month before setting up a baptism, adding that it will give them time to adjust to the new changes.

“We need to clean our hands before and after we pour the water,” he said. “Don’t touch the person being baptized, wear gloves as much as possible and wear a mask. That is all coming soon.”

One of the many areas still to be worked out is who can attend a wedding.

Groleau says there is a grey area when it comes to the number of people allowed in church and those in a crowd.

“But then in the church you are allowed 30 per cent so what is it,” he said. “Will it be 10 people for a crowd or 30 per cent Sunday service. That’s a really good question that needs to be answered.”