When the provincial government announced earlier this week that churches could re-open under new guidelines due to COVID-19, church leaders had to act fast to get their facilities ready for masses this weekend. In Kapuskasing, at St.Patrick’s Parish, that will mean that the first 70 people will be allowed inside for service according to Father Sebastien Groleau (Grow-low). He adds that other changes include simple things like singing.

“We are asking people not to sing during mass because that could be a way to spread the virus by more than just talking,” Father Groleau said. “The elevator will be out of use for this weekend because it’s hard to keep social distancing in it. We will have to look at see what happens beyond that.”

He adds one of the big changes for them is the way communion is taken.

“We will present the host, put it in their hands, and we won’t be able to touch the people hand to hand,” he said. “We will ask people then to stand back respect social distancing and stay six feet apart. The pastor will have to come a bit closer. I will be there wearing a mask during holy communion.”

Groleau says if the new rules and regulations are not followed then the church could be closed or you could be asked to leave the building.